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I have a full life outside of companionship so pre-planning is paramount. I do not offer same day sessions. I am very much a plan and prepare for treat, not an impulse buy. If you’d like to meet but might need shorter notice accommodations please prescreen, meaning go ahead and fill out my screening  form so when the time is right we have that out of the way. I need at least 48 hours notice for NC dates and at least 72 hours notice for dates in SC or DC. If we have met before it is possible to schedule dates with less than 48 hours. I prefer meeting in the day but I am available anytime between 8am-11pm (dates must start by 11pm). I’m an early bird so mornings always work, what better way to start your day? I offer in and outcalls.


I require somewhat heavy screening. I require real life info including name, age and information on what you do for a living. All of this information is destroyed once verified and is only seen by me. If I am coming to your home I might need a bit more information if we have never met prior. I take my safety very seriously. I respect boundaries so if you are not comfortable with this please find a companion with lower standards. My screening process is as follows:

-send an unobstructed copy of your ID

-send me a copy of your business card and an email from your business account (to an unpublished discrete account of mine)

-if it’s an outcall I’ll need a copy of your hotel booking confirmation

If you are not comfortable with this please don’t contact me, I do not use any other method for screening.


I do not offer or accept references. This is for two reasons

1)      I do not feel it is discrete to share info about you with someone else

2)      I do not know if other companions’ standards are in line with my own

I do not use any membership service such as TER or the like. I do use P411 my ID is P161947. While I am happy to meet with p411 members your membership is not a free pass from my usual screening method.

I will not share any of your information with anyone under any circumstance. All information provided for screening is promptly destroyed when I have verified it (which I do immediately upon receiving it).